Calendar - Nov. 1-3

*Itinerary is subject to change. Last Revised, 9/7/19*

**Ensure your vintage scooter is running a optimal performance, tires in great condition and functioning brakes and lights.  

Friday, 1st

Night Ride.

Meet up at Highland Park Brewery in Chinatown at (directions) for some food and drinks.

Night Ride leaves promptly.

Ride will climb thru the San Rafael Hills, epic sunset view dominated by the the chaparral and scrub land of the lower transverse ranges, and then wind a descent into downtown LA's city lights. We'll end the night partying at the to the Offbeat Bar (directions) in Highland Park.

Saturday, 2nd

Day Ride. **Long Ride**

Meet up at Cindy’s Diner (directions) for a classic breakfast. Arrive early for breakfast!

Depart to Los Angeles Crest.

6:30pm. Venue (TBD)

Sunday, 3rd

Day Ride.

Meet up at Guisados tacos (directions) in Echo Park, in memory of our good friend Chris Edwards.

Ride leaves promptly. Cruise our way through Historic Echo Park, make our way through the hidden gem of Elysian Park and zip onto Downtown Los Angeles.